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"Thinking Lenses" - how to find your creative voice, is for photography lovers and enthusiasts around the world. You can use this book for: education, business, research, fun, entertainment, personal development, inspiration, hobby, etc. This book is for beginners to advanced photographers.


"Thinking Lenses" is the ultimate 6-step method that guides you to find your own creative voice. It can unlock your creative potential and realize your personal photo dreams. This book contains of: essential photo exercises, creative inspiration, and personal development.


The author, photographer and art historian Charlotte Kim Boed's mission is to empower you to find your personal photo voice and activate your creativity. Working for over 25-years with photo creativity, she says: "When we are born, everybody is inherited with creativity. When we get older, we seem to lose and forget our creativity. Find home again and enjoy yourself, Charlotte suggests".


If you want creative freedom and personal development, then this is the book for you.

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    Do you dream of making your photos come true with your imagination? If yes, then make creative tool-improvements. Train your brain to make creative solutions and enhance your unique photo voice.