About Kim Plus Photo

The photo school Kim Plus Photo is owned by Charlotte Kim Boed and based in the heart of wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. We create books and webinars to promote and develop creative photography.


We want to empower each student to find own personal photo voice and activate the hidden secrets and creative potential that everybody possesses. Sometimes in life we are not fully aware of the hidden low hanging fruits.


Charlotte says in the book "Thinking Lenses": "The mission is to inspire you to work creatively with your photography and to find your personal photo voice as photographer. I am interested in "creativity", as it brings a lot of joy and pleasure in my life. I want to share my working experience with you. I think that creative photography can enrich your life, as well as fun and enjoyment go hand in hand with creativity".


About Charlotte

I am an art photographer, born in South Korea, adopted to Denmark in the 1970s, currently living and working

in Copenhagen.


I did my apprenticeship with art and commercial photographers Per Morten Abrahamsen and Station 1 Photo

(Per Johansen and Jon Nordstroem) in the end of the nineties.

I have worked as a freelance photographer assistant at home and abroad with: Danish, Korean, English, French photographers. In Copenhagen particular at: Rigmor Mydtskov, Leif Schiller & Co., Morten Bjarnhoff. Abroad at:

Vogue Studio in Seoul, Korea and Le Book Studio in Paris, France.


I have in addition studied art history at the University of Copenhagen and completed studies in 2012 with the dissertation: "Tendencies in Cross-cultural Photography - seen in Relation to East and West".


My photography is characterized by being versatile, innovative, and creative. I wish to

create closeness and character in my picture production.

My portraits and illustrations are often considered as cinematic staged, where time

and space are abolished. I especially experiment with emotions, moods, colors and

the light in the picture. I have different approaches to my photographic work,

but inspiration often comes from: social relations, dreams, films, theatre,

books, art, television, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers, and much more.



Ask whatever is on your mind and I will reply as soon as possible